5 Tips on Using Social Media in a Responsible Manner

Few weeks back, a post got viral on Facebook where a woman posted a picture of man and accused him of eve teasing. There was a lot of hue and cry in the social media, where everyone was posting their comments or tweeting their reaction and were trying to defame the man.

No one for once tried to think if the post that was posted by the woman was indeed true. They just followed their own instinct and even gave a judgement, and few even called the man as a “pervert”. And, then we come to know from the same social media that woman was indeed lying.

So, was it really necessary? Who are we to provide a judgement? There is a court of law to decide whether the man is a culprit and no one is bigger the law.

So, who has given us the right to defame anyone even if he / she may have committed a shameful crime? This gives me a point to think that whether we are using social media in a responsible and sensible manner.

So, what do we do? Do we just comment on any post that we see on Facebook or tweet about anything? Isn’t it really necessary to think before we start to comment on Facebook or tweeting on twitter?

Here are some tips on how we can be sensible enough while using social media:

Be attentive while responding in social media

We often receive links or posts from several people who have shared without actually reading them. More often, people comment on posts after they have only scanned them. One of the greatest gift that we give anyone is our attention on social media. We should always ensure to respond thoughtfully to any comment on a post or a tweet to indeed make a difference.

Be active and not reactive

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” If you are a science student then you should indeed remember this Newton’s third law of motion. But, this doesn’t hold true for social media. It is indeed important to be active on social media but it is not necessary to react to each and every comment or a tweet. We should always think before responding to any update on social media. We must first think before joining the crowd to react on any post or a tweet. We must ask ourselves that whether is it really true or is it necessary or is it indeed kind enough. Before you react on social media, always ask yourself that if it indeed is helpful and will not harm anyone.

Recognize your purpose

It is very important to be mindful before you start to post anything on social media or tweet anything. We must ask ourselves that whether I will be seen or will be need to be validated. In addition, we also must ask ourselves that whether we post anything is constructive enough or is it destructive. Doug Firebaugh of SocialMediaBlogster.com has identified seven psychological needs we may be looking to meet while using social media: acknowledgment, attention, approval, appreciation, acclaim, assurance, and inclusion.

Follow the “Let it go!” syndrome

As a good citizen, it is good to voice your opinion on social media but it is not always necessary to react to each and every post or tweet on twitter. Rather, we should follow the “Let it go” syndrome though it may seem unkind to disregard any update on social media but you must follow you own instincts.

Finally, have fun with social media

Social media have become an important part of our daily life and it has also become a platform to communicate and collaborate with various people. It has given an opportunity to be social so we must use social media to stay connected in order to build relationships.


So, while it is utmost necessary to voice your opinion but it is also important to be responsible while using social media. However, at the same time, have fun and enjoy the time over social media as this is a wonderful gift that we have today. Social media today has taken the online world by storm so we just need to be a little mindful while using social media.

Anuj Kapoor

I’m an Instructional Designer by profession but passionate about writing. I love to read and then pen down my thoughts over here in my blog. I feel rejuvenated after writing on my blog and it is perfect therapy as it relieves me of the most stressful situations. At the same time, I also use my writing to share my knowledge and experience to the users.

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