5 tricks to stay calm during the most stressful situations

“One of the best lessons you can learn from life is to master how to remain calm”, Catherine Pulsifer, Author of various motivational books.

Have you ever been in a situation at work that has been very stressful? If yes, what was your first reaction? Did you panic or showed your anger over others? There may be situations where you might feel impatient. Often, we feel much better and communicate well when we are in control of our emotions. However, we tend to go out of our control when things do not go as planned in the way it should.

Here are seven tips that you can use to keep you cool in the most stressful situations:

Stay positive

There are ought to be times where you will have negativity in mind when things are not right or going at your pace. It is easy to exaggerate and make something a bigger deal than it is. You must avoid being negative and try framing sentences in your mind like “I can cope with this situation”, “I’m bigger than this”, or “Its not a nigger deal”. It is unnecessary to blame yourself for all things that did not get done. Instead, we will be better off if we are grateful for all we had done and try to find some positive things.

Take a deep breadth

When you think that things are getting out of control, then it is better to take a long and deep breath. Says Henry Emmons, MD, author of The Chemistry of Calm, “Even when a crisis situation ends, your fight-or-flight switch might stay on”. Taking a deep breath helps you improve your stress in the moment and it gives you a minute or two to calm down. In addition, it helps you to assess the situation and regain your sense of control. You must repeat this breathing exercise until you feel calmer.

Divert your attention

When you feel that the situation is getting stressful and out of control then it is better to distract or disconnect yourself from that situation. It is better to go for a walk or a long drive, watch a movie on Netflix, or much better read a book that will make you forget that situation. This will give you some time so that you can approach the situation with a fresh perspective.

Talk it out or seek support

It is essential for you to talk to someone you trust when things are not good enough. “People tend to deal with stressful situations in two ways: They either talk to no one, withdrawing into jaw-clenching silence, or they discuss it with too many people”, says Gielan. You need to be open communicator and talk it out to reduce your stress. Use the support system and do not be afraid to ask for advice with a stressful situation.

Take enough care of your body

It is important to make your health as a top priority because you will be better equipped to handle the crisis. You must eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and take plenty of sleep. If you take care of your health, you will increase your self-control, memory, and emotional intelligence.



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