Happy New Year! Why Should We Look at Bad Memories of the Preceding Year?

So, 2019 is gone! And as we open the first page of the 365 page book of the year 2020, its time to reflect on some memories of the past year.

2019 has been a year with lots of ups and downs for me. There have been moments that were not so pleasant for me but I was able to bounce back and turn things around. There were few painful memories that shook me from inside and then there were few moments where I felt that life threw a bit of challenge for me.

Lets be real! I know that no one really likes to dwell on the bad and painful moments of the past year. Rather, everyone wants to remember the good moments that occurred in one’s life during the past year so that they would feel happy while remembering them. But, can bad moments actually be good?

There were moments that occurred last year when I realized that nothing is working out and I did not feel interested in the work I was doing. Then there were moments where I had to deal with a tragedy of losing someone very dear. And, I can even remember the moments where I felt the need to switch my career after spending so many years in this industry as the work I was doing was not my liking.

Generally speaking, bad moments are the aspects of our lives that we try to lay to rest and move on. However, there has been a research that proves the fact that there is much to be gained while we dig deep and understand our bad or painful memories.

As Chrissie Wellington rights says, “When things are tough, you get tougher.”

While its true that you do not want to remember the bad moments but at the same time these moments make your really strong, and remembering them makes you even stronger. It prepares you for even more challenging times that may lie ahead in the near future. The bad memories are the good teachers as it helps us to gain a unique perspective of the world based on the things that have happened to us during the past year.

A research also proves that the bad memories are the ones that can be actually more beneficial to us than we think.

Our mind evolves in such a manner that they allow us to learn from our mistakes so that we do not get ourselves into those situations that hurt us ever again.

Negative or bad experiences ARE more POWERFUL than the good or positive ones for everyone! In short, they have more MORE impact and stick around for good.

Often, YOU would feel the “Why ME?” attitude during the bad times but YOU need to look deeply into the question and think “Why ONLY ME?”. This is because God may want to give you experience of bad moments so that YOU are well prepared for the future. Living with pain can be agonizing but it always better to work through the pain than to slowly eat at us.

In my opinion, bad memories or experiences should never be forgotten, erased, or wiped off as it helps to use it to better the future and appreciate the good things that occurred in our life.


Anuj Kapoor

I’m an Instructional Designer by profession but passionate about writing. I love to read and then pen down my thoughts over here in my blog. I feel rejuvenated after writing on my blog and it is perfect therapy as it relieves me of the most stressful situations. At the same time, I also use my writing to share my knowledge and experience to the users.

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