Marriage is like an empty box

A boy was very nervous on his day of marriage as he was getting married to a girl whom he had never known. His father saw him and asked, “Son, you look nervous? What happened?”

“Aren’t you excited that you’re getting married?” he asked again 

“Dad, isn’t marriage a beautiful thing one always longs for that consists of intimacy, friendship, and companionship”, he enquired. 

“This is a common myth that most people believe in but reality is something else. The truth is that marriage is nothing but an empty box”, he replied.

 “Ah, is it!“, he exclaimed feeling more nervous.

His father sensed his nervousness so he replied again, “Marriage is a box where you must put something in before you take something out. There is no love in marriage as love is in the people and people put love in marriage. Similarly, there is no romance in marriage but people infuse romance into marriage. You must learn this art and form a habit of giving, caring, loving, and praising each other and keep the box completely full.”

Anuj Kapoor

I’m an Instructional Designer by profession but passionate about writing. I love to read and then pen down my thoughts over here in my blog. I feel rejuvenated after writing on my blog and it is perfect therapy as it relieves me of the most stressful situations. At the same time, I also use my writing to share my knowledge and experience to the users.

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