10 Tips For Freshers Before an Interview in 2020

Consider this scenario. You have studied hard all throughout your college with an aim to get into your dream job as that is an ultimate goal for any student. However, it may happen that no matter how hard you study in your college but you are bound to feel nervous during the interview.

So, what will you do? How will you ensure that you are able to crack it during the first round of the interview itself as first impression is the last impression? If you want to succeed in an interview to get your dream job then you will need to prepare well in advance. Yes, you heard it right! Prepare, prepare, and prepare…that is all you need to get your dream job.

Here is what I have for you some basic tips that will help you to prepare yourself for the interview to make a lasting impression and that will get you hired for your first job.

1. Research about the company

This goes without saying! You need to do some prior research and know about the company for which you have applied. You must research well about the mission, vision and goals of the company where you have applied. Ensure that you visit the company’s website and obtain as much information as possible. In other words, you need to ensure that you know enough about the company you are willing to work with. This will help you to understand them and make you confident.

2. Prepare a resume

A resume is a most important tool to get a job. You may have already prepared it before sending it to the HR and that is why you have been called upon for the interview. However, it may be a good idea to just customize it according to the job profile and highlighting your skills and abilities required for the job. Remember that you need to provide things in the resume that are really important and worth mentioning to.

3. Get the prefect dress

To make a lasting impression during the first interview itself, it is very important that you wear your best clothes. You must choose a formal attire that you would need to wear in that position. Also, your dress should show to the interview panel that how you could represent their organization. Though, you should choose the attire in which you are most comfortable with but at the same time, choose something that is appropriate for the occasion.

4. Know your skills and abilities 

Know thyself! Yes, in order to get the dream job, it is important to first know about yourself and your skills and abilities. This will help you to talk about how you can contribute to the organization and also be an asset to the organization. You need to make them believe by your words that you are made for this job by referring to the skills and abilities required.

5. Practice makes your perfect

The more you practice, the more confident you will be for the interview and hence more chances you will have to get your dream job. So, you must practice the way of your speaking and rehearse on how you will answer the questions from the interviewer. As a best practice, you can rehearse on the answers to some of the commonly asked questions such as what are your strengths and weaknesses?, where do you see yourself in next 5 years and so on

6. Take relevant material for the interview

It is necessary for you to carry relevant material, such as resume, certificate copies, reference check documents, photographs (if required), etc. on the day of the interview. Do not clutter any document instead you should arrange them neatly in a folder so that you do not have to find document during the interview.

7. Be careful on what you post on social media

Today, social media is on a rise and almost everyone use social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You must be very careful on what you post on any of the social networking websites as the employers may use that information to check about you.

8. Sleep properly

Your interview is BIG day for you in order to get you your dream job for which you may have worked so hard. So, you need to relax and have a good night sleep. It is recommended that you should sleep early and ensure that you put an alarm so that you wake up on time.

9. Stay positive

You need to stay positive in order to prepare yourself for the interview. You have been chosen for this profile and it is now up to you on how well you face the interview panel so it is important that you keep all the negative thoughts out of your mind.

10. Don’t panic

Last but not the least, ensure that you do not panic on the day of the interview. You need to go with a positive frame of mind. Remember that this is not the end of the road and there may be other jobs available as well but at the same time, this also doesn’t mean that you do not give your 100% to this interview. So, you need to relax and take some deep breaths before you reach the venue.

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