What are the Life Lessons You Can Learn from Lord Shiva?

Today is Maha Shivratri, which is the Hindu festival that we celebrate in honour of Lord Shiva and mark the night when Shiva performs the heavenly dance.

Lord Shiva is the reigning deity among the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Lord Shiva is also known as an ultimate creator and destroyer of the universe.

Here are a few lessons we can learn from Lord Shiva and then apply them in our daily life.

Implement Self-Control

Self-control is the key if you want to live life to the fullest. There was an instance where Lord Shiva lashed out at his son and beheaded him as he was not allowing Lord Shiva to enter his house. Later, he had to use a head of an elephant to be placed on his body who was later called as Lord Ganesha.  From that moment onwards, Lord Shiva exercised self-control as he knew that it can ruin your one’s life. Therefore, self-control is very important as it keeps one focused, aligned and determined.

Never tolerate evil

Lord Shiva is also known for destroying the evil as he couldn’t tolerate injustice but he destroyed the evil demons in a fair manner. Like Lord Shiva, we must never tolerate evil happening around us, and should take a stand against the injustice. Also, we should try to keep a zero tolerance against the injustice happening around us.

Respect your spouse

Lord Shiva is also called as ‘Ardhnarishwar’, which means half man and half woman. This also meant that Mata Parvati was an essential part of him. Lord Shiva always treated her with greatest respect as she was his Shakti. Hence, this is a lesson learnt for all the married couples to treat their spouse with respect and love.

Control your ego

It is the ego that prevents you to achieve greatness in life so you must control your ego and let go off the pride. You should never let your ego come in between your goals and dreams that you want to fulfil. Lord Shiva always carried his trishul along with him to keep a check on his ego, and he never let his ego get better of himself. Also,

Restrain yourself from materialistic happiness  

It is an important fact that happiness is not equivalent to materialistic things. If you have nothing in life, you can still be happy and it doesn’t mean you’re missing something out in life. Just because you’ve little or no materialistic things as compared to others, it doesn’t mean that you cant live a productive and a powerful life. Lord Shiva wore a simple attire and was armed with only a trishul and a damru while staying away from wealth. You need to find your happiness in events and experiences instead of wealth and materialistic things as it is temporary.

Practice meditation to keep yourself calm

Lord Shiva is also called as ‘Maha Yogi’ because he meditated for several hours for the well being of the entire universe. He used to stay calm on most of the occasions as he was always in a meditative state of mind. Therefore, it is necessary for all of us to meditate once to attain calmness in stressful situations. You’ll win half of your battle if you stay calm and composed.

Anuj Kapoor

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One thought on “What are the Life Lessons You Can Learn from Lord Shiva?

  • February 21, 2020 at 7:53 pm

    Beautiful… The best prayer for Shiv ji on the day of Mahashivratri is to follow his principles and the examples he has set in his life. Thanks for this write up.


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