Why too much of social media use is bad?

Have you ever realized that how much time you’ve spend on social media? Do you know how many countless hours, minutes or seconds you’d spend checking a post on Facebook or watching videos on WhatsApp? In the society we live in today, if we are not social media then we are truly outdated. It has become a status symbol today to have a social media account. We tend to be using our mobile phones, tables, and laptop too much.

Too much of anything is bad

Do you remember the “too much of anything is bad” quote? Indeed, this holds true for the use of social media too. At its first use, social media is fun and once you start using it, you also start to like it. Almost everyone today is on social media from Facebook to WhatsApp and Twitter or Snapchat. Today, people have more virtual friends than they use to have earlier. It becomes very hard to regulate oneself when using social media as one click turns to another and then suddenly time passes by and it turns into a habit. Sooner, the habit can result into social media addiction. Though, social media is good in a way as you stay connection to millions of people around the globe with a click or tap. In addition, it allows people to stay in touch like never before. However, some people may tend to spend so much time that it interferes in their personal lives, and the result is that it affects them mentally.

Psychologist Sherry Turkle emphasizes that mobile phones redefine modern relationships, making us “alone together.”

Social media is now an accepted way for people to communicate and interact and we use it because it gives us instant connection with whatever is happening in the moment, says leading hypnotherapist and counselor Diana Parkinson.

If you look around, I can guarantee that there will be more people who would be hooked to their mobile phones and would checking their social media accounts. I, too, feel guilty at times of spending too much time checking social media accounts. It may happen sometimes when people meet with each other, but they seem to glued to their mobile phone to check their status updates irrespective of where there are. They seem to be so much obsessed that forget the fact they are meeting each other. In the recent years, social media has become the powerful tools of technology. Social media has given a power to the people to stay in touch with the rest of the world where people can connect via Internet. Surely, this may sound great but too much of checking social media account can drive you insane and may take a toll on your relationships. Imagine a situation where you are kept in a room with no mobile phone, laptop and Internet – meaning that you are out of touch with the outside world for just an hour. Sounds insane, isn’t it? But, this is a fact that we may not even stay without our mobile phones or social media for a single minute, forget about an hour. However, we need to realize the harsh reality that social media overdose may affect our personal life, as there is no time left for a physical interaction. Imagine yourself taking a shower on a hot sunny day. Doesn’t it sound refreshing? In the same manner, if we take a break from our social media accounts for a day then it will be refreshing. As humans, we tend be unaware of what we are doing like a subconscious mind but sooner or later we need to make ourselves realize this fact. Also, it is essential that you put your focus and attention on things that matter more in life like your personal wellbeing, your family, physical relationships, and so on. Go out on a trip or play with your child or take up some social activity that would really give some satisfaction. Do not let social media just slurp you into the vertex of fakeness; instead, focus on the real world that surrounds you.

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